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Belo Monte halted: Norte Energia’s lies and our demands to reverse the damage done

In the last week, Brazil’s Federal District Court of the 1st Region (Regional Federal Tribunal TRF1) voted to annul Legislative Decree 788 of 2005, which permitted the licensing and construction of the Belo Monte dam even before an environmental impact study (EIA) was conducted. The project is now stopped until impacted indigenous peoples are consulted … Continue reading

Right-Wing Media Completely Distorts Educational Initiative for Undocumented Students | Alternet

The UCLA Labor Center recently publicized a new, affordable, educational initiative that allows undocumented students to receive college credit. Sounds great, right? After all, it’s the least we can do while we still have a broken immigration system. But when FOX News and their conservative buddies got a hold of the good news, their coverage … Continue reading


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